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Archiving the Moment: a panel discussion and performance

Come out tonight to see some really talented folks and yours truly.

David Boykin Expanse, at the MCA's Tuesdays on the Terrace 5:30pm

I’m starting the program tonight with saxophonist, David Boykin, who will be playing tomorrow evening at the MCA at 5:30pm.  You can listen to the sample on the program or here on his soundcloud page. 

I’ll be playing some solo Peter Brotzmann from a Corbett vs. Dempsey performance recorded by Malachi Ritscher.

This is my last show before I take off for two weeks, but I’m leaving the program in some very capable hands in the meantime.  Talk to you in the fall!

Recordings from the Malachi Ritscher Collection

I just wrapped up my second week of airing special unreleased recordings from the Malachi Ritscher Collection at Creative Audio Archive!  Here is what is coming up next week:

8/12 - SCHOOL DAYS live at the Velvet Lounge, 3/3/2000 Set #2 with Ken Vandermark, Jeb Bishop, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, and Paul Nilssen-Love

Some live shows happening this week:

Thursday 8/8:

6:30pm at Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park: Jeff Park/Nels Cline Quartet FREE!

9:00pm at Elastic: Ken Vandermark and Joe Morris

Survival Unit III live from the Hideout

I’m still waiting for permissions to come in for the recordings I gathered from the Malachi Ritscher recordings archive a few weeks back.  In the meantime, I dug out a 2007 recording from the Hideout of Survival Unit III with Joe McPhee, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Michael Zerang.  It’s on the harmonic convergence label, and I saw it available for purchase online if you’re interested.  It’s also a nice reminder just how great the Immediate Sound series performances are.

Some great performances coming up this week at Constellation, including a Constellation-Links Hall co-presented show of dance and music. 

Finally, I got a call from a listener in DC today who has his own radio show on 89.3 FM.  If you’re out there check him out! 

30 years of Chicago Music: the Malachi Ritscher Recordings

With the kindness of the folks at the Creative Audio Archive (housed at ESS), I’ve been able to dig into thousands of live recordings from the past 30 years all recorded by avid Chicago music preservationist, the late Malachi Ritscher.  I’ve already found months worth of great material to air on upcoming shows, permission pending.  It’s an incredible collection, currently available to researchers only, which means that Killin’ the Vibe is most likely your only chance to hear this music for now.  More specifics to come, but stay tuned!

Life-long improviser Fred Lonberg-Holm plays live tonight 9-10pm CT.
Next Week: Live in-studio performance by the Nick Mazzarella Trio!
Upcoming: Dave Rempis to perform solo on 2/11.

Life-long improviser Fred Lonberg-Holm plays live tonight 9-10pm CT.

Next Week: Live in-studio performance by the Nick Mazzarella Trio!

Upcoming: Dave Rempis to perform solo on 2/11.

Spires That In The Sunset Rise + Michael Zerang

Last year one of my favorite times as an intern at ESS was helping out (observing) a 3-day residency.  Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson of Spires That In The Sunset Rise and local improvising percussionist Michael Zerang camped out for three straight days, collaborating and recording during the day, and performing (also recording) at night.  The studio was full of instruments, a couple dozen at least, and it didn’t cease to amaze me how each of these artists would simply pick something up and make incredible sounds out of it.  Add to that Baird’s dark and aggressive vocals (“For the People”) that I imagine as being capable of demanding rain from a cloudless sky.  Some of them tend towards the folk side, creating a sound that makes me think of a procession of sinister slightly warped traveling minstrels from no where on this Earth.  Some songs are certainly strange; nevertheless, the group were surprised to hear at least one of the tunes leaning towards pop music.  I thought at least one of these belonged in a Western movie (“Meurtrimaisjamaisbrise”).  Because most of the material was performed multiple times and refined, it’s a bit different than what I typically play on this show, but for all the above reasons, I’m very happy I got to share this with you all.

Check out the new album by STITSR, Ancient Patience Wills It Again.

Next week: Health&Beauty will perform and/or hold a panel discussion live in the studio!

Improvisors at the Hideout

This week I’m playing a *gasp* released recording made at the Hideout this year (3/14/12) with Jeb Bishop, Jaap Blonk, Lou Mallozzi, and Frank Rosaly (available on Kontrans).  I am such a fan of J. Blonk, whose astounding range of vocal noises are nevertheless joyful and unpretentious.  His performances can be as much fun to watch as to listen to, and he proves that you don’t have be serious and straightfaced to be awe-inspiring. I love the resulting conversation between the performers, including Bishop’s trombone and Mallozzi’s recorded sound interjections.  Waawaaawaaa … they all speak to each other in their own ways.

No corresponding shows to announce, but you should be checking out the FREE (as in no charge) WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL this week anyway.

And a short plug for Health&Beauty’s last performance (for a while at least) with bass guitarist Toby Summerfield (with Brian Sulpizio, Ben Boye, and Quin Kirchner) at the Burlington on Thursday, September 27 at 9pm..

What to do on a rainy night in Chicago…

Second best idea: Tune in and listen to Blink. tonight at 9pm.  Caleb Wilitz of Piece of Coal Music has shared a recording from March 23, 2011 by the group composed of Dave Miller, Jeff Greene, Quin Kirchner, and Greg Ward.  It’s energetic free improvisation with some sweet rock feel courtesy of Miller. 

Third best idea: listen to it online!

Next Week: Jack Wright Trio, recorded last week at the Beat Kitchen after our EPD live remote broadcast!  Thanks so much to the Delusions for making that happen.  It really is the best thing to do on a Monday night.